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Teacup Pigs Size and Specifications

Teacup pigs are named so due to their extra small size during their birth time. These nano sized creatures are very friendly and weigh maximum up to 100 pounds during their adulthood. The size keeps on increasing till they reach three years of age. The height is 12-16 inches, but anything little higher would be quite suitable in the category. These animals are available in different color tones and you can choose the ones matching your liking. Some of the animals have spotty nose and eye area, which is an exclusive feature of teacup pigs. Read more about super adorable pets…le-pets-universe/

Teacup pigs are preferred by people as these animals are easy to handle and remain smaller in size. It would be great to live with these intelligent pets as they will learn everything really quickly. They have incredible looks and it would be great for you to domesticate mini sized pigs. They even become center of attraction for the people coming to your house. These pigs can reproduce prior to getting their full height. You can find that they will be loyal to you and there will be a great level of attachment in these pets for their owners.

You should keep the ideal weight and height in your mind while choosing the right piggy. It will give you a great feeling from inside as these animals are quite friendly and become your companions soon. However, if you think that you can’t devote much time to you teacup pig, you can get two of them and they will be great companions for each other. It would be great to see the bonding of two pigs at your home and they will love to you and all of your family members. Teacup pigs should be handled with care as these animals are sensitive towards urinary infections, skin problems and dehydration.

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